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My Cultural Compass

My passion is fueled by those moments I witness an individual experience a different culture and recognize not only the differences but the similarities between us all. Culture can vary from country, groups, areas, and ethnicities but when we take the time to learn more about another culture we also learn more about ourselves. The process of discovering and adjusting to other cultures sparked my interest in my dissertation subject of re-acculturation.

As an educator I seek to provide an educational experience that fosters global perspectives, critical thinking, cultural awareness, problem solving, and engaging curiosity. A successful learning experience consists of real-life scenarios that can provide self-directed learning to grow the skill levels of each individual. Every individual is entitled to a diverse learning experience that includes people from different nations and locations around the world, learning from many different life perspectives, and equal learning opportunities.

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Research Information


Acculturation and Re-acculturation

Learn more about my research on re-acculturation, bi-culturalism, and transitions within a different culture.  Read recent perspectives on international education.



International Education Services

International education can be complex and involve all bodies of an organization. Learn about the  services to assist in building the internationalization of your organization or campus. 



Follow me on my Journey

Follow my journey of international education, travel and discovery! My blog will share international education updates and perspectives, my travels, and culture along the way.

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